PRINCESS V65, P50, P61, V58, P57, V70 & V80

As lead designer of 7 princess yachts, briefs and specifications were created to release the design process which was carried out through hand sketching, 2D CAD, 3D CAD, 3D life size mock ups and working prototypes.  Styling of interiors and exteriors. Design of trays, deck fittings, furniture, upholstery, metalwork, helms / consoles, AC/DC panels, air-conditioning layout, engineering layouts, structural design, logos and livery.  Also responsible for managing 7 CAD operators, Naval Architects, Engineers, Plug Makers, Metal Fabricators and Production fit-out and external suppliers.  P 57 – Winner European trophy Yachts Magazine.  V65 – best of show (London) and No 54 in best boat of all time MBY Magazine.  P61- No 22 in best boat of all time MBY Magazine.